The digitizing tablet you can depend on for every creative and technical function in your business. AccuGrid will assist in such functions as block creation and grading; construction plan development and measurement (using EasyGrid™ and EasyEarthworks™); grading verification and correction; pattern piece identification; and marker development. Using electromagnetic technology, AccuGrid delivers accuracy, flexibility, and high performance that take advantage of recent advances in CAD software. AccuGrid includes all major emulations. It's the most sophisticated advancement in digitizing tablet technology, incorporating all major emulations: Numonics, Calcomp, Summagraphics and GTCO. Offering a combination of good accuracy, high resolution, robust construction and ergonomic pointing devices, Numonics AccuGrid digitizers are a particularly cost effective solution to the task of collecting data from paper drawings and plans.

Easy to set up. Easy to use. Easy to Like! AccuGrid's streamlined contemporary design makes everything look simple. And it is! Tablet set-up is done with a user-friendly menu - there are no dip switches to set and reset. On-tablet soft keys make switching between user-defined configurations as easy as one key press. And you have your choice of transducers-dual-switch pen stylus, 4-button cursor or 16-button cursors. It's fast. Efficient. Accurate. Designed to work the way you do.
It's everything you need for ease of operation and dependable results! AccuGrid streamlines your workload so you increase your productivity. It's available in opaque and backlighted models, so you can work with slides and overlays as well as more standard forms like blueprints, building paper plans and patterns.

At a glance
The high performance tablet with the low profile. AccuGrid's thin profile contains a wide range of impressive features including:

Standard Accuracy +/- 0.254mm, 0.01" Large viewing area and etched crosshair for accurate and fast positioning
Resolution 1000 lpi (lines per inch) A2, A1, A0 and SA0 sizes available
Quality design, robust structure with good looks Two on-tablet soft keys for easy configuration switching
Wide connectivity with Windows/ADI drivers and emulations (3rd party download) Choice of 4 or 16 button cursors and dual switch pen stylus.
On tablet set-up menu negates old style switches Manual or powered stands, floor or desktop
4 programmable application groups - fast switching between modes - CalComp, Numonics, Summagraphics and GTCO Native Serial connector and USB via adaptor (3rd party option)

Technology: Electromagnetic Induction
Active Area
(Opaque units):
A2: 500 x 600mm (20 x 24) A1: 600 x 900 mm (24 x 36 in)
A0: 900 x 1200 mm (36 x 48 in)
SA0: 1100 x 1500 mm (44 x 60 in)

External Dimensions
(Opaque units):
A2: 667 x 765 x 30mm (26 1/4" x 30 1/8" x 1.17")
A1: 765 x 1067 x 30mm (30-1/8" x 42" x 1.17")
A0: 1067 x1368 x 30mm (42" x 53-7/8" x 1.17")
SA0: 1248 x 1699 x 30mm (49-1/8" x 66-7/8" x 1.17")
(Opaque units):
A2: 4.1Kg
A1: 7.7Kg
A0: 10.5Kg
SA0: 14.1Kg

Resolution: 1000 lpi
Accuracy (opaque units): Standard +/- 0.254mm (0.01")
Hi Res +/- 0.127 mm (0.005")
Proximity: Approx 13mm above surface
Interface: Serial RS232 (USB adaptors available)
Types of Digitizing Device: Dual switch pen stylus; 4 or 16 button cursors
Drivers: Industry standard wintab driver for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP. Third party drivers available for Windows VISTA (download only); AutoCAD ADI drivers, both real and protected mode
Set-Up menu: Eliminates the need for set up switches, makes set up faster
Native Format: Numonics
Emulations : GTCO CalComp SummaGraphics and Numonics
Operating humidity : 90% non condensing
Power : 110 & 240v ac available (A0 110v ac only)

Digitizer Certification
Source of Manufacture: USA
Standards & Compliance: UL1950 CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 950 EN 60950 CE approved on selected models.

What we say
With a high build quality and competitive price point it's little wonder that the AccuGrid range has taken over where the TDS Quora's left off. For Quantity Surveying, Estimating and other general purpose tasks which require a large format tablet but do not need ultra high resolution the standard resolution models are ideal and also suit the garment design trade.

With their light weight the A1 units make ideal desktop tablets and can be stored in the corner when not in use. For those users who work with A0 drawings, the larger A0 tablet makes the ideal stand mounted solution, combining ease of use, good looks and realiability. For measurement tasks these are our standard supply models for office based systems!

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