More Fun. Easier. More comfortable. Faster. The brochure headlines for the CADPro make it plain exactly where the CADPro sits in the world of interface peripherals. Coupled with TemplateWorks™

CADPro revolutionises completely your constructions with AutoCAD® R14 and AutoCAD® 2000. Program your most used commands on the 16 button cursor and you just need one button stroke for zooming, rotating and drawing lines and circles with a certain length or thickness. Also long command sequences and macros can be executed conveniently just with the touch of a finger. This simplicity and comfort for AutoCAD® 14 and AutoCAD® 2000 is offered by TemplateWorks™, the software which comes with every CADPro.

With this software you cannot just program buttons easier, but even assign symbols to your commands. Define your working area and yet you have designed your personal template and the commands are programmed to the digitiser. Just print it off and slide it under the overlay. By hitting the symbol your command is executed. Fast and secure in the knowledge that you'll select with the 16 button cursor intuitivily the right position.

Shouldn't you find your command once - against all expectations - Visual Template will help you. Visual Template is an on-screen template viewer which allows viewing of the miniature template and the programmed icon and facilitiates heads-up maneuvering.

This is not also to say that CADPro isn't meant for any other professional - it is! It has the industry standard highest resolution and accuracy of a tablet gives CADPro the ability to deliver very fine control and stability for all types of user input from on-screen mouse pinter control when running database and CRM applications throught to demanding graphics artists who can take the unit with the optional click tip and side switch cordless pen.

At a glance
PC and Apple Macintosh platform support
Compact A6 design
Full set of drivers for wide platform/ application connectivity including Win 9x - XP and Mac OS9
RS232 and USB interface
No power supply required
Cordless design for natural operation
Compact cordless 16 button cursor for conventional pointing / digitizing
Stylish, ergonomic pressure sensitive pen for graphics designers
Other optional transducer types
Plug & Play setup

Technology: Electromagnetic Induction
Active Area: 152 x 229 mm ( 6 x 9 in)
External Dimensions: 305 x 286 mm (12 x 11.25 in)
Weight: 0.45 kg
Resolution: 150 lpmm (4000 lpi)
Accuracy: ± 0.203 mm (0.008 in) with standard configuration
Proximity: <6.35 mm (0.25 in) above surface
Output Rate: Selectable up to 200 co-ordinates per second
Interface: Serial RS-232 and USB
Power Requirements: RS-232 6mA and USB 25mA (no external power supply unit required)
Native Format: CalComp Advanced Function Technology (AFT)
Drivers: PC Driver: Industry standard Wintab driver for Windows 3.x 9x NT ME 2000 & XP (Serial & USB)
Mac: OS 9.x (USB)
Worksurface: Translucent Menuflap
Pointing tools: 16 button cordless cursor
OptionalPointing tools: 4 button cursor · 5 button mouse · click tip pen with 2 side switches · pressure sensitive pen (all cordless)

Digitizer Certification
Source of Manufacture: US
Standards & Compliance: FCC-B, DOC-B, VCCI Class B, EN55024:98, EN55022

What we say
What a great small tablet!

It's designed to fit neatly on the desk (which it achieves nicely) and doesn't need a power supply - a great bonus, no extra trailing wires and no need for a socket. Excellent!

For the AutoCAD® user the TemplateWorks™ software delivers great functionality and productivity and for anyone who need a small graphics tablet to work with it's 4000lpi resolution and 0.08"/0.20mm accuracy really delivers. The build quality gives great confidence to the professional who wants longevity out of their equipment.
The build quality and performance allowed us to build an OEM customised version of the CADPro for a 784 unit call centre installation. Enough said.

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