The Mantissa family of large format precision digitizers provides the highest levels of accuracy, resolution and performance in today's digitizer industry. Mantissa is the optimum input device for high accuracy applications requiring exact registration, such as cartography (GIS), precision CAD, pre-press and many others.

The slim and elegant Mantissa is in keeping with the style of today's modern office. The digitizer is extremely easy to use, with boxes conveniently located on its worksurface for rapid switching of modes or stored configurations.

Mantissa's cursor is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and precision in a high productivity environment. Likewise system ergonomics are achieved by the special Super A1 model for use with custom workstations.

At a glance
Very high accuracy (0.10 mm / 0.05mm) Soft rubber side grip
High resolution 80 lines/mm Large viewing area, with illumination
A1, Super A1 and A0 sizes available Precision crosshair and magnification
Manual or powered stands Left, right and dual handed versions
Optional special ergonomic workstation Programmable buttons (17 or 34)
Ergonomic Precision Cursors 4 programmable application groups

Technology: Electromagnetic Induction
Active Area: A1: 610 x 915 mm (24 x 36 in)
Super A1: 661 x 1168 mm (26 x 46 in)
A0: 915 x 1220 mm (36 x 48 in)
Resolution: 0.0125mm (80 continuous lines/mm)
Accuracy: 0.05 mm (0.002 in)
Digitizing Modes: Stream , Point, SW stream, Remote Poll, not SW Stream, Point Paste, SW Stream & not point
Interface: Serial RS232
Types of Digitizing Device: Cursor with Glass Graticule and illumination. Magnifier optional
Number of Button Control Keys:
17 standard, 34 optional
Sample Rate: Up to 250 co-ordinate pairs per second
Proximity: 15 mm
Drivers: Protected mode ADI, Wintab for Windows 3.1/95/NT
Buffer size: 256 bytes input 256 bytes output
Baud rates supported: Up to 38k4
Native Format: TDS LC, LCX, HR and Mantissa Universal formats
Emulations : Summagraphics (Microgrid,ID), Numonics Calcomp, Altek (Binary or ASCII), Aristo
Other feature Groups: 4 programmable application groups

Digitizer Certification
Source of Manufacture: UK
Safety: EN60950
Quality: IS09002
Emission: EN55022 Class B
Other: NPC Standards Traceable

What we say
The Mantissa range of digitisers from TDS have always been high quality performers, built to exacting standards with a range of options which add the finishing touch. These include magnifying cursors and ergonomic workstation cursors for two handed operation.

With a stream rate of up to 250 co-ordinate pairs per second and two thousandth of an inch accuracy, the Mantissa tablet is the ideal choice for cartography and precision CAD applications. With a wide range of next day spares available and high levels of technical support available from Visual Precision as well as directly from the manufacturers, high end users should seriously consider this unit.

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