Tablets are widely acknowledged as the most versatile and intuitive input devices available. in contrast to a mouse, a tablet's absolute positioning system makes screen pointing faster. It's also more accurate, less tiring when used over an extended period and there's the ability to capture information from source documents by tracing, point digitizing and menu box selection. With a tablet freehand drawing, sketching and painting is easy, natural and fast - try doing that with a mouse and you'll rapidly see why tablet users never return to the old ways.

Quora desktop tablets are designed to deliver the highest performance across this range of applications. Based on a TDS patented passive sensing technology which enables cordless, battery free pointing devices, the Quora family is an innovative range of UK designed and built tablets for all disciplines of design and graphics.

At a glance
Full range of sizes A5, A4, A3 and A2 Cordless design for natural operation
Dynamic response for optimum freehand drawing performance Compact 4 button cursor for conventional pointing / digitizing
Full set of drivers for wide platform/ application connectivity Stylish, ergonomic pressure sensitive pen for graphics designers

'Softkey' boxes plus pointing area
Low profile, solid build for long life

Standard pen with tip switch and optional side buttons
Special inking pen for signature applications

Active Area: A5 228.6 x 152.5 mm ( 9 x 6 in)
A4 30 5 x 305 mm (12 x I2 in)
A3 457 x 305 mm (18 x 12 in)
A2 610 x 430 mm (24 x 17 in)
External Dimensions: A5 320 x 23 5 mm (12.5 x 9.2 in)
A4 400 x 450 mm (15.7 x 17 7 in)
A3 545 x 450 mm (I7.7 x 21.5 in)
A2 606.5 x 726.5 mm (23.9 x 28.6 in)
Weight: A5 0.875 kg
A4 3.4 kg
A3 4.4 kg
A2 7.4 kg
Resolution: 0.025 mm (0.001 in)
Accuracy: A5 0.5 mm
A4, A3,A2 0.25 mm (0.01 in)
Pressure Resolution: Up to 512 levels
(response may be tailored by user)
Proximity: A5, A4,A3 6 mm above surface
A2 10 mm above surface
Output Rate: A5, A4,A3 Selectable up to 125 co-ordinates per second
A2 Selectable up to 100 co-ordinates per second
Data Rate: RS-232, up to 19,200 baud
Native Format: TDS LCX
Emulations: Wacom, Summagraphics MM, Numonics
Drivers: PC Driver: Industry standard Wintab driver for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT (optional extra)DOS mouse driver and ADI drivers, both real and protected mode for AutoDesk
MAC Driver: Apple APD driver with pressure support and Menubox support
Worksurface: 'Paper feel' surface or Translucent Menuflap
Pointing tools: Pens: Switch pen, Switch pen with 2 side switches; Designer pressure pen, Designer pressure pen with 2 side switches (all cordless)
Cursors: 4 button cordless cursor

Digitizer Certification
Source of Manufacture: UK
Standards & Compliance: ISO9002. Designed to be compliant with EN55101 and EN60950. CE approved.

What we say
Like their bigger brothers, the cordless range of small format Quora tablets are built to the same high standards.

We have supplied the A3 and A2 versions to a number of leading clients for use with our measurement software and they, as well as us, have been very pleased with their performance. The A2 unit is a good compromise between cost, performance and portability with a number of clients selecting it for both desktop and mobile work where desk space was a serious consideration. The cordless (and batteryless) cursors and nicely designed and comfortable to work with.

The small units are well suited to graphics applications and are pressed into use in our office with such applications as Adobe Photoshop. We like them!

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