Welcome again to the web site of Visual Precision Limited and an especially warm welcome if you are a new visitor.

This web site has been created to keep everyone informed of our latest innovations in the areas of construction industry software applications as well as Sales & Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Management solutions. In addition, we have also created a dedicated technical support centre giving direct access to our product technical bulletins as well as the latest versions of our software applications. With other sections dealing with specialised hardware of digitisers and plotters we hope that you'll find something worthy of your visit.

If you have suggestions as to what you might like to gain from our site, especially to construction related matters, let us know. Visual Precision are proud to have an ever growing client base of some of the biggest names in the UK and International Construction Industry market and everyone's input to make an interesting site is welcome. Worthy tips and news may well make it's way onto our news page and we can include your URL or Email if suitable.

The site has been constructed with the aim of giving quick download times for main pages and doesn't, due to the security implications, carry any sort of downloadable executable code so you can be safe in the knowledge that you can't be virused by this sort of downloadable code. This you may feel detracts from the excitement of the web, or you may feel as a business tool such niceties are not required. Either way, if you would let us know what you think we can keep this site up to date and pass the general consensus to other businesses as they develop their web sites.

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