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Professional Takeoff Software

the industry champion for digital drawing measurement!

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Earthworks Cut & Fill Software

hyper accurate earthworks calculation made simple!

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Bill of Quantities Software

fast-track your bill of quantities production and tendering!

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Tender Estimating Software

complete tender bid estimating & cost planning software!

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One of the worlds most complete and technically able product suites for the QS and Estimator, supporting some of the worlds biggest (and smallest) construction professionals

Welcome to the world of Visual Precision software. We have been supporting businesses in the Construction Industry for over 25 years, with our in-house UK developed software solutions and hardware peripherals. Our renamed QSToolbox™ suite may be a new name to you, but we cut a swathe in the industry way back in 1995 with the best digitiser based taking-off system the industry had ever seen - EasyGrid™ and then EasyEarthworks™.

If you know the names, you know who we are and what we stand for. Our portfolio of solutions has grown over the years and we support some of the biggest names in the construction arena, from Feasibility Estimating, Land Appraisal, Bill Production, Cost Planning, Drawing Measurement and Cut & Fill Take-Off to name just some of the solutions in our our portfolio.

So dive in, take a tour, download a brochure or two and set-up a presentation and discover what we can do for your business.

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Our Software

Professional on-screen taking-off

OnSight on-screen takeoff software on monitor


The industry champion. Effortless measurement of all your favourite drawing formats in one easy-to-use super-powerful package. No third party drawing conversion required, it handles all your favourite formats and allows multiple drawings to be merged to one take-off file for large site areas and multi storey developments. Measuring drawings for construction quantities has never been so simple; all the tools are included as standard to make quantities measurement quick and smooth. Metric and Imperial in one great product.


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Earthworks cut & fill measurement


Takes the time, pain and guesswork out of measuring cut & fill. Easily extracts ground level data from topographical survey drawings and supports unlimited drawings per projects in mixed formats. Calculation of cut & fill quantities to all your usual methodologies and rules at the press of a button. Works seamlessly with OnSight™ to extend siteworks measures without double input. Exports to QSExpress™, LaunchSite™ and Excel™ for BQ builds, Cost Plans and Tender Bids. The industry champion for over two decades! 


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Tender Estimating & Cost Planning


From early stage feasibility, through concept and on to detailed cost planning, benchmarking and finally a detailed resource based tender bid, LaunchSite™ delivers it all in one package. Available with detailed cost libraries to develop and make your own, the system is scaleable from 1 to 500 simultaneous users per project. Develop your own style BQ's, leverage your power using OnSight™ and EasyEarthworks™ and export to a wide range of electronic and paper based formats.


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Bill Production and Tender Management


The 'Diamond Standard' in Bill of Quantities production and Tender Management systems. With seamless connectivity to OnSight™ and EasyEarthworks™ measurement systems as well as its own integral taking-off system, QSExpress™ offers collaborative single user as well as true network based multi-user functionality to all users. Flawless and fast productivity for the Quantity Surveyor and Estimator seeking to produce professional bills of quantities and tender analysis whilst still working to tight deadlines and margins.


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DimSheet add-on for Excel


Add take-off dimsheets to your Excel™ spreadsheets and watch them come alive. Traditional vertical style dimsheets recognised the world over. Embeds answers dynamically to spreadsheet cells to enhance your existing BQ and costing spreadsheets. Powerful taking-off functions allow detailed 'linked' sheets to really enhance your spreadsheet armoury. Cascading changes means one figure can update hundreds of take-off sheets - real power at your fingertips. Metric and Imperial in one system.


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Retail space zoning measurement


Takes the technicality out of retail zone measurement and reduces it to a point and click task. The system will handle unlimited drawings per project - to any scale and a wide range of mixed formats (CAD|SCANS|PDF) allowing for ever the largest scale developments to be handled with ease and total simplicity. Simple area definition tools remove specialist knowledge requirements and end-user definable zoning rules allow any style of zone cutting to be applied. The fastest method available for zoning measurement.


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"Your software has been a joy to use and completely changed the way I price work.

Congratulations, here’s to the next 25 years"

QSToolbox™ one of the worlds most complete and technically able product suites for the QS and Estimator, supporting some of the worlds biggest (and smallest) construction professionals. Hyper accurate and profit driving, In use in over 25 countries.


Our Hardware

SpaceMouse® Compact

Designed for Advanced 2D & 3D Navigation

The SpaceMouse Compact was developed to deliver an intuitive, effortless and precise screen-space navigation experience in CAD like applications that cannot be achieved by using a standard mouse and keyboard. That's why it just one of the hardware tools we employ to squeeze every bit of efficiency from our OnSight™ and EasyEarthworks™ solutions.


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Cintiq Pro32 Touchscreen

More Space, More Efficiency, More Time

If you need more efficiency and greater throughput from your QS and Estimator teams without increasing headcount, there is a way. Our chosen touch-screen technology removes the need for mouse driven interaction for drawing measurement and delivers intuitive pen-on-screen approaches to measuring all your project drawings.


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Large Format Digitisers

Professional grade digitisers and maintenance

Our heritage is steeped in professional digitiser hardware & software expertise, having supplied almost two thousand digitisers to multiple business marketplaces since 1995. With such well developed expertise, and the loss of many smaller specialists, we remain one of the only surviving go-to experts in this highly technical field. 


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New & Refurbished Pucks

With over two decades supplying digitiser hardware we have a lot of knowledge when it comes to digitiser electronics, which is why, given so many manufacturers have disappeared, that we developed our own in-house electronics service to keep clients in business with their obsolete kit.

Our services include sales of hard-to-find obsolete parts including pucks, main pcb's controllers and power supply units as well as full and partial refurbishment of both TDS and Numonics pucks. We hold stock of many OEM parts to enable repair and continued use of your existing kit.

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