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Welcome to our blog, we hope to share with you industry related news, views and comment in an interesting, informative and sometimes light-hearted way. We hope you enjoy reading through our blog posts and if you would like to be informed of any future blogs we post please register your details by clicking the 'Please inform me of any new blogs' link below.

Free QSToolbox™ Software Web Demonstrations

Are you wondering how our systems might fit into your business or perhaps you’re after your first glimpse of our world-leading technology?If so, it’s probably time to stop wondering and...
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Good News - Yet More New Functions & Features Are on Their Way!

Another set of features are on the cusp of release, this time to ease the structure of a new project in our OnSight™ and EasyEarthworks™ systems allowing projects to be...
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New Excel dynamic link function for OnSight™, EasyEarthworks™ and ZoneMaster™

Dynamic linking to Microsoft® Excel™ has long been on the cards for both OnSight™, ZoneMaster™ and EasyEarthworks™, and, at long last we’ve only gone and done it!Obviously, it came with...
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A Happy QSToolbox™ Customer for 22 Years!

Our long-standing client Neil Warren has just reached the impressive milestone of using QSToolbox software for the past 22 years! We asked Neil what benefits using our software since it’s inception...
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QSToolbox™ Software Windows 11 Supported

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 in a 45 minute online event titled "What's next for Windows," on June 24 last year, following this announcement we proactively started working on all QSToolbox™...
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Japan Shatters Internet Speed Record at 319 Terabits per Second!

Japanese engineers have just smashed the world record for the fastest internet speed, they achieved a data transmission speed of 319 Terabits per second (Tb/s).
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Software Awards – the best illusion act since Penn & Teller

The software industry is full of smoke and mirrors. A bold statement you might think, but not really.
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