Cintiq Pro32


more space, more efficiency,

more time

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Cintiq Pro32 Touchscreen

Pushing the efficiencies of drawing take-off

Measure directly on your monitor with a pen stylus and experience a new level of productivity

We've been with Wacom from the very start. The level of quality, innovation, serviceability and after sales care made them the ideal partner, matching our own ethos. Now we offer their biggest screen yet, the very talented Cintiq Pro 32. Boasting a premium 4K screen with world class colour performance and virtually no parallax, it's the ideal partner to our OnSight™ and EasyEarthwork™ systems when you need more throughput without raising the headcount.

With 32 inches of premium screen space, zooming in and out of drawings is significantly reduced and the intuitive feel of a stylus for input means moving between measurement points is faster and in many ways more precise. Coupled with the ExpressKey™ Remote, commands are very much at your fingertips with little need to visit the keyboard.

With a range of accessories, including the Ergo Stand and  Flex Arm, you really can customise the Cintiq to your way of working.

With 32" of 4K resolution (3840 x 2160px) to play with and superb color accuracy (just in case you'd like to use for other more colour demanding applications), you can dedicate the screen space to taking-off when your in total measurement mode, with enough screen real-estate to share with your other applications when you want to transfer numbers to your estimating and bill production systems.

The etched glass screen provides a distinct, tactile experience as you measure, mimicking the feel of a pen on paper. And with minimized parallax, and a screen strong enough to resist ‘pooling’ and rippling, each input appears precisely where you expect it, every time, whether your using 'snap' functions or not..

Comes with ExpressKey™ Remote, designed to help boost your productivity. With 17 customizable buttons and a Touch Ring it offers time–saving customisable shortcuts for all your favorite measurement functions.

However you like to work, there’s an accessory to make Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 suit you (each sold separately).

Comprehensive range of accessories

Wacom Ergo Stand

The Cintiq comes with integral desktop legs, but for complete comfort, attach the Ergo Stand. It allows you to raise, tilt and rotate your pen display to easily adjust the viewing angle and find the most natural position for you, even cantilevering over the desk edge! Once attached to Ergo Stand, your Cintiq Pro 32 becomes a stable surface on which to measure.

Wacom Flex Arm

In addition to the Ergo stand, we also offer, as an alternative, the beauty of the Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 with FlexArm. Despite being big, it's also surprisingly flexible. Light as a feather, you can tilt it to a better angle, maneuver closer for a working position that suits you, or push it to the side to free space when needed.

Wacom Pro Pen 3D

Designed with creativity in mind, the Wacom Pro Pen 3D provides full navigational control in your drawing management. Three fully customizable pen buttons let you rotate, pan, zoom, model, and measure your projects without departing wildly from a technique your practiced since childhood - using a pen.