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When demands are high, deadlines are tight and the client needs results, it's no use finding your software can't fulfil its role. Software purchased because it's cheap rarely, if ever, delivers true value for money. Intelligent users have always invested in software that delivers profit and has room for client growth, and it was from this concept the QSToolbox™ suite of professional solutions was, and continues to be, engineered.


Takes the time, pain and guesswork out of measuring cut & fill. Easily extracts ground level data from topographical survey drawings and supports unlimited drawings per projects in mixed formats. Calculation of cut & fill quantities to all your usual methodologies and rules at the press of a button. Works seamlessly with OnSight™ to extend siteworks measures without double input. Exports to QSExpress™, LaunchSite™ and Excel™ for BQ builds, Cost Plans and Tender Bids. The industry champion for over two decades! 

EasyEarthworks cut and fill software Product Box

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The 'Diamond Standard' in Bill of Quantities production and Tender Management systems. With seamless connectivity to OnSight™ and EasyEarthworks™ measurement systems as well as its own integral taking-off system, QSExpress™ offers collaborative single user as well as true network based multi-user functionality to all users. Flawless and fast productivity for the Quantity Surveyor and Estimator seeking to produce professional bills of quantities and tender analysis whilst still working to tight deadlines and margins.

QSExpress bill of quantities software product box

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From early stage feasibility, through concept and on to detailed cost planning, benchmarking and finally a detailed resource based tender bid, LaunchSite™ delivers it all in one package. Available with detailed cost libraries to develop and make your own, the system is scaleable from 1 to 500 simultaneous users per project. Develop your own style BQ's, leverage your power using OnSight™ and EasyEarthworks™ and export to a wide range of electronic and paper based formats.

Launchsite tender estimating and cost planning software product box

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The industry champion. Effortless measurement of all your favourite drawing formats in one easy-to-use super-powerful package. No third party drawing conversion required, it handles all your favourite formats and allows multiple drawings to be merged to one take-off file for large site areas and multi storey developments. Measuring drawings for construction quantities has never been so simple; all the tools are included as standard to make quantities measurement quick and smooth. Metric and Imperial in one great product.

OnSight on-screen takeoff software box

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Add take-off dimsheets to your Excel™ spreadsheets and watch them come alive. Traditional vertical style dimsheets recognised the world over. Embeds answers dynamically to spreadsheet cells to enhance your existing BQ and costing spreadsheets. Powerful taking-off functions allow detailed 'linked' sheets to really enhance your spreadsheet armoury. Cascading changes means one figure can update hundreds of take-off sheets - real power at your findgertips. Metric and Imperial in one system.

DimSheet-Pro dim sheet add-on for excel Product Box

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Takes the technicality out of retail zone measurement and reduces it to a point and click task. The system will handle unlimited drawings per project - to any scale and a wide range of mixed formats (CAD|SCANS|PDF) allowing for even the largest scale developments to be handled with ease and total simplicity. Simple area definition tools remove specialist knowledge requirements and end-user definable zoning rules allow any style of zone cutting to be applied. The fastest method available for zoning measurement.

Zonemaster retail zone measurement software product box

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