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DimSheet add-on for Microsoft® Excel

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  • Links dynamically with Microsoft® Excel™
  • Dimsheets formatted to internationally recognised standards
  • Unlimited dimsheet within a project, unlimited sums within a dimsheet
  • Works with all versions of Microsoft Excel including Office 365
  • The system protects the user against incorrect sum structures for reliable figure calculations
  • Used in Over 20 Countries

Responding to the industry’s needs for a taking-off tool that can, when required, work with Microsoft® Excel™, Visual Precision responded with DimSheet-Pro™.

Using traditional style dimsheets, users are presented with a screen based version of their trusted and understood paper dimsheets. Immediately recognisable by all users, DimSheet-Pro™ offers all the usual tools associated with paper techniques including timesing, annotation and anding-on but with the additional power only a Windows based computer system can offer. All dimensions can be ‘linked’ offering the user the ability to construct complex take-offs with a ‘change one changes all’ type structure. Imagine being able to change the centreline measurement and see Dimsheet-Pro™ instantly adjusts all your associated take-off - and then adjust your spreadsheets! It’s not a dream but a reality. All this within a cheap package that offers an industry standard presentation makes DimSheet-Pro™ a cost effective must have.

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“SPREADSHEETS are good at many things - but taking-off isn’t one of them. As QS’s and Estimators we all use them, they’re ideal for quick estimates, cost plans, feasibility studies, valuations, the list is endless, but they all need the addition of a taking-off tool to make them really effective. Enter DimSheet-Pro™”
  • Easy-to-use taking-off system with the traditional touch
  • Easy to learn easy to use, the ideal extension for your estimates, cost plans, cost analyses, valuation routines and all your other Excel™spreadsheet documents
  • Full error free calculations without a calculator, no re-checking needed, no hand writing onto dim paper
  • Extends the use of Excel™ spreadsheets - ideal to add to all your existing project sheets
  • Multiple project support, system handles as many projects as you like
  • Parts and Elements sub-splits within take-off
  • All the traditional features supported like anding-on, sidecasts, annotation and more.
  • Multiple dim sheets per project - build a take-off of hundreds of sheets
  • Full Microsoft language architecture for Windows XP - Windows 11
  • Fully dynamic relationships, change one figure changes all supported
  • figures elsewhere with automatic recalculation
  • AutoCheck™ - checks and validates take-off against measurement unit
  • Metric & imperial measurement modes (even converts between modes)
  • Professionally illustrated manual
  • Adds blistering performance to all your favourite Excel™ spreadsheets
  • Save time, saves money, adds professionalism
  • Telephone help-line
  • Automatic ‘rounding’ of transferred results to Excel™
  • Nordic Country support for . & , differences
  • Link to Excel™ or use stand alone
  • Full audio visual multimedia Help system
  • Excel™: up to Office 365
  • Windows XP - Windows 11
  • Processor: 1Ghz+
  • RAM: Sufficient to run Excel™
  • Monitor: Any
  • Display: Multi media requires minimum 800x600
  • Additionals: Sound card and speakers for multimedia Help
  • HD space depending on facilities; sound card and speakers for multi media Help

* Specifications may change without notice and are given as a guide only.

Call for current specification requirements prior to purchase.

DimSheet-Pro, HotLink and AutoCheck are registered trade marks or trade marks of Visual Precision Limited.

Microsoft and Excel™ are registered trademarks and trademarks of Microsoft Inc.

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E&OE Specifications may change without notice.

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Spreadsheets are good at many things - but taking-off isn’t one of them, they all need an additional taking-off tool to make them really effective. Enter DimSheet-Pro™