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in Microsoft® Excel

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DimSheet add-on for Excel

  • Traditional Taking-Off
  • Metric & Imperial Modes
  • Dynamic Spreadsheet Updating
  • Used in Over 20 Countries

Responding to the industry’s needs for a taking-off tool that can, when required, work with Microsoft® Excel™, Visual Precision responded with DimSheet-Pro™.

Using traditional style dimsheets, users are presented with a screen based version of their trusted and understood paper dimsheets. Immediately recognisable by all users, DimSheet-Pro™ offers all the usual tools associated with paper techniques including timesing, annotation and anding-on but with the additional power only a Windows based computer system can offer. All dimensions can be ‘linked’ offering the user the ability to construct complex take-offs with a ‘change one changes all’ type structure. Imagine being able to change the centreline measurement and see Dimsheet-Pro™ instantly adjusts all your associated take-off - and then adjust your spreadsheets! It’s not a dream but a reality. All this within a cheap package that offers an industry standard presentation makes DimSheet-Pro™ a cost effective must have.

If you use Excel and need to handle taking-off in your spreadsheets, DimSheet-Pro™ is the system for you. Buy it now and watch productivity immediately rise.

At a glance features:

  • A stand alone traditional on-screen dimsheet system which links dynamically with Microsoft® Excel™.
  • Dimsheets formatted to internationally recognised standards.
  • Unlimited dimsheet within a project, unlimited sums within a dimsheet.
  • Fully Windows compliant code for Windows XP-10.
  • Developed in Microsoft languages throughout.
  • Fully independent, DimSheet-Pro™ is completely self contained with no requirement for any additional application installs.
  • Works with all versions of Microsoft Excel including Office 365.
  • The system protects the user against incorrect sum structures for reliable figure calculations.
  • Print all take-off formatted to industry accepted standards.
  • Multimedia based tutorials and Help system for rapid take-up.
  • Web support, Telephone support, Upgrade path.

“If you’ve only got a few pounds to spend this year on software, make sure it’s DimSheet-PRO™, it’s the best pound for pound productivity software you can buy”

Spreadsheets are good at many things - but taking-off isn’t one of them, they all need an additional taking-off tool to make them really effective. Enter DimSheet-Pro™