earthworks measurement

made simple

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Groundworks cut & fill measurement software

  • Measure direct from screen
  • Measure CAD files
  • Measure scanned files
  • Measure PDF's
  • Categorised results
  • 3D views

EasyEarthworks™ is the simple answer for anyone who spends even a small amount of their time calculating cut & fill quantities. Designed specifically to address time, cost and accuracy requirements, EasyEarthworks™ reduces to a few minutes, project take-offs that can take days by other methods and with astounding unquestionable accuracy. If you need to take the stress off AND write more profit to your bottom line, EasyEarthworks™ will help you on your way.

From the moment of launch, EasyEarthworks™ always hints at its power right from the very start, giving confidence to even the most complex of projects. Existing survey levels are effortlessly lifted from the on-screen digital drawings, engineering objects and levels are created and the system then takes over, delivering definitive unquestionable results almost instantly, even to sophisticated rules like SMM7 and NRM2. For tender bids, post contract measures, valuations, final accounts, and easy to justify dispute resolution, EasyEarthworks™ delivers the results end-users demand for confident and competitive business decisions.

“EasyEarthworks™ has become an essential tool to our business. It has saved us countless hours and raised our accuracy to a new level.”

At a glance features:

  • Designed specifically for QS's and Estimators. Structured to work as a measurement tool. Faster, more flexible and vastly more efficient than using CAD systems.
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10
  • A wide range of CAD and picture file formats are handled by the system. DWG · DXF · DWF · JPG · BMP · TIFF · PDF. More formats constantly under development
  • Cut, fill and topsoil strip volumes, cut areas, fill areas, plan areas, true areas and categorisation splits under SMM, CESMM, NRM and USER rules as required (all editable).
  • Personalised display options (for each user), full on-screen graphics, total colour and line thickness control, layer management, multi layers, tiered layers, visibility, hatching and translucency control.
  • Twin screen support as standard. Touch screens and 3D mouse controllers available for extra productivity boosts
  • Export to Excel™ Mono & colour output to printer
  • Specialist dedicated training

“With its incredibly easy to understand screen design, confidence in the system was immediately high...ultimately our initial confidence was proven well founded!”

EasyEarthworks™ is the simple answer for anybody who spends even a small amount of their time calculating cut and fill quantities, reduces to a few minutes what traditionally can take several days to accomplish - with stunning accuracy!