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Tender bid estimating & cost planning software

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  • Standalone single user and SQL network based true multi-user options
  • Integrated report generator, PDF, XML, RTF and XLS output
  • Cost information importable from previous cost plans
  • Elemental cost information importable from QSExpress™ tender bills
  • Multiple simultaneous analytical formats for reporting offers more than just the BCIS “look”
  • LaunchSite™ comes complete with fully integrated totally dynamic dimsheet system

LaunchSite™ is a fully featured, no expense spared Cost Planning and Tender bid Estimating system. Sitting at the centre of your tendering and cost planning world, LaunchSite™ boasts exemplary speed, an enviable tool-set, multiple cost databases for end-user development and links seamlessly with OnSight™ and EasyEarthworks™ take-off tools for effortless measurement of even the most demanding of projects. LaunchSite™ delivers new levels of productivity, efficiency and accuracy in project estimating through better software design.

Its SQL based technology allows teams of users to work simultaneously, in real-time, on the most complex of projects whilst also receiving input from remote users. Project construction is accelerated by the system’s ability to glean information, costs and measures from multiple libraries and historic projects - every single piece of data entered into the system can be retrieved, in seconds, for re-use even years later, making expensive library maintenance a thing of the past and the extensive set of reports is the cherry on the cake.

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“In every language some words are normally only reserved for special use. Many software authors us words and phrases such as ‘master’, ‘ultimate’, ‘definitive’, ‘the leader’ and of course ‘the industry standard’. But for LaunchSite™, only one word fits - stunning
  • Innovative interface design for rapid (the fastest) production of feasibility estimates, cost plans and resource based tender bids
  • Fully dynamic traditional style taking-off (totally integrated) with all traditional facilities such as Anding-On, deducts, rounding, sidecast calculations and much more.
  • Drag & Drop technology for ease of use
  • User production Notes can be left anywhere
  • Full audit trail capability
  • Intelligent Completion tracking of items
  • Import single or multiple items from other projects for rapid project management (like a complete building)
  • Import dimsheet measures and update instantly for immediate remodelling
  • Import presented electronic BQ’s for costing
  • Export resource buying lists to buying systems
  • Automatic rate updating for imported data (time and location or by stated quote)
  • Snapshot prints at any stage of the plan
  • Export to PDF, XLS (Microsoft Excel), RTF and XML
  • ‘To do’ tracking
  • Integrated reporting via Crystal Reports
  • Reporting of costs against multiple areas (ie Gross Internal, Gross
  • External, Site Area Elemental Area etc)
  • Full Microsoft language based architecture
  • SQL network support for true multi-user versions
  • Distribute projects between remote systems
  • Instant on-the-fly automatic saving of data for total data security
  • Automatic error detection and reporting for the most up-time possible.
  • Cross analysis to multiple data formats allowing for BCIS, Client Formats, Benchmarking etc
  • See rolling estimates on one screen for immediate understandability
  • Non destructive deletion of items (useful for progressive design)
  • Automatic target setting
  • Automatic Benchmarking against previous projects
  • Integral Launchpad (for launching associated files)
  • Costs linked to time and location indices for rapid cost adjustments
  • Print, print preview and on-screen reporting of costs -v- targets
  • On-screen ascending/descending ordering of project information
  • Print, print preview and on-screen reporting of percentage project contribution costs
  • Professional strength graphics capable report generator
  • Traditional dims sheet print outs.
  • Seamless links for cad/image/pdf/scan file measurement solutions
  • Conversion & weights and measures tables
  • Screen filtering of data
  • Audit trail and roll back to previous Cost Plan and tender bid  revisions
  • Full multi media (audio visual) presentation of on-screen help
  • Integral Documents register
  • Total editability - at any time!
  • Windows XP - Windows 11
  • Processor: 1Ghz or better
  • RAM: 1Gb minimum
  • Monitor: 17” sVGA or larger
  • Display: 1024x768 or better recommended
  • Network: Microsoft Server - please call for current spec.

* Specifications may change without notice and are given as a guide only.

Call for current specification requirements prior to purchase.

LaunchSite, EasyEarthworks, OnSight and LaunchPad are registered trade marks or trade marks of Visual Precision Limited.

Microsoft and Excel™ are registered trademarks and trademarks of Microsoft Inc.

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E&OE Specifications may change without notice.

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Many software authors use words and phases such as ‘master’, ‘ultimate’, ‘definitive’ ‘the leader’ and of course ‘the industry standard’. But for LaunchSite™ only one word fits - stunning!