screen based

drawing measurement

made simple!

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Professional on-screen takeoff software

  • Measure direct from screen
  • Measure CAD files
  • Measure scanned files
  • Measure PDF's

Designed for Quantity Surveyors and Estimators who want to take on simple as well as complex projects, OnSight™ delivers the industries faster route to 2D electronic drawing files, allowing 3D visualisation extrusions and multi-drawing mixed format project handling as standard. Easy to implement and fast to set-up, new users can be up and running in minutes with a deep feature-set to explore and enhance their taking-off as their knowledge and demands grow.

Working as a complete stand alone application, OnSight™ doesn’t rely on any underlying CAD system for its operation, making it cheaper to implement and quick to learn. Both CAD and picture files (DWG, DXF, DWF, PDF, TIFF, BMP, JPG) can be handled (within the same project) allowing even scanned drawings to be used for measures with astonishing accuracy. With its multi-layering capabilities, manipulation tools and multimedia on-screen based real time video Help/Tutorial system, OnSight™ is the easiest to use and quickest measurement system available in the market place today.

Measures everything you can see and even things you can’t (like working space). OnSight™ is the industries diamond standard for measurement.

At a glance features:

  • Designed specifically for QS's and Estimators. Structured to work as a measurement tool. Faster and more flexible than using CAD systems
  • Windows compliant for Windows XP - Windows 10
  • A wide range of CAD and picture file formats are handled by the system. DWG · DXF · DWF · JPG · BMP · TIFF · PDF More formats constantly under development
  • Measure length, area, circles, count points, volumes, angles, arcs, with extended tools for stud walls, floor joisting, shear studs and pitched roofs.
  • Full on-screen graphics, total colour and line thickness control, layer management, multi layers, tiered layers, visibility, hatching and translucency control. Twin screen support as standard.
  • Paper to printer, Mono & colour supported, Export to Excel™, Dynamic HotLink™ to Excel.
  • On and off-site training in the package. Multi media based tutorials and Help system for rapid take-up
  • Automatic upgrades, Web support, Telephone support, On-going development

“Often overlooked, measurement is a time hungry task central to the success of any bill production or tender estimating function. It's importance to the department should never be under estimated”

OnSight™ encapsulates the very essence of class leading design, delivering the tools required to enable CAD files and images files to be measured quickly and with confidence, converting mission critical tasks into accurate results for winning bids.