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A Better Wheel

All systems boast '32 bit 'built for Windows' 'fast' 'easy to use' but these are what we know users come to expect as standard of Visual Precision software so we don't make these benefits headline news.

QSExpress™ is of course easy to use, we've made sure of it, but there's more to QSExpress™ than this. It's the design of the system that stands out. Throughout the design process we looked very hard at what users really needed and identified the key areas where speed and efficiency are key attributes for a solution to succeed, both perceptually and economically. This shows through in the end product and clients easily identify with the design skills of the development team, recognising sub-consciously the superior nature of the system.

Library handling

The handling of libraries is a key issue to any system, that's why QSExpress™ has a strong and well thought out library maintenance routine. Adding new descriptions to projects is simplicity itself with the system even handling the coding if you wish, totally automatically. Of course you can take full control if you desire and for those with security clearance, rogues can even be injected into the system master library for use on future projects.

In use, QSExpress™ makes searching for descriptions effortless as well. Its ‘seek & search’ feature will have you streaking through the library virtually instantly to find those ever-elusive descriptions – a time consuming task on other systems lacking our technology. Once tracked down, even multiple 'finds' are dealt with logically to give you the fastest possible take-off speed (after all, it is what you spend most of the time doing when you're creating bills).

Building on this, QSExpress™ through the use of advanced techniques will also allow the re-use of many standard libraries. Even if you have an existing non-standard library we can assist with its migration ensuring all your previous hard work is not lost when you move up to your next system. And even if we haven't already built an import routine for your old legacy system, as authors of the program we can quickly and effortlessly make the necessary changes to bring your old library into the fold. Whatever system you're currently using you can move up to QSExpress™ without drama.

Based around the functionality which has been well established in Visual Precision's other taking-off systems, QSExpress™ adheres strongly to traditional taking-off practices and techniques to offer unparalleled levels of functionality and useability. With its internationally recognised vertical style take-off screen, training in the use of this key area is minimal, which virtually guarantees the commercial success of pre-contract projects. All the key features are available including timesing, anding-on, annotations and multi-nesting sidecasts as well as a few new ones like Paste Link - the ability to copy and paste any figure in the take-off and have a dynamic link maintained. You can also copy groups of dimensions from one sheet to paste them into another. The system's versatility is second to none.

All change

But putting information in is only half the story. Once it's in, there are always the modifications and changes to take care of. That's why QSExpress™ also 'majors' in the edit stakes. With its fully dynamic take-off entry feature, questionable entries need only to be entered into the system once. Every other entry is then based on the first input so when confirmation on the measurement is made, one single edit can remodel the whole of a bill in a single sweep. Just imagine how flexible a system like that really is - by changing the length of say, the first centreline measurement, the whole of the project can be recalculated. This is truly putting you in control of the project. Dare we say, it's empowerment. However, that's only part of what QSExpress™ achieves. It handles descriptions and bill edits just as easily. In bill view or abstract view mode, descriptions can be changed 'on the fly’ and edited in place, and it's a cinch to make major description and specification changes to the bill in a few seconds. All of this ability to change bills is of course tempered with several layers of security for the Enterprise edition to ensure only project leaders and approved personnel can make substantial edits to the bills.

Wide area working

In the business world there have also been changing views on both work times and work places. Outsourcing has become ever popular amongst construction professionals and it is now the norm for businesses to consider the use of external collaborators for larger projects as well as home working for their full-time staff. None of this has been overlooked in the design of QSExpress™ and using the Collaborate module, remote workers with laptops and stand-alone computers can work autonomously on projects without the need for any real-time connections (which can still be done when required). Their contributions can be transmitted to the main system (network or stand-alone) by any number of electronic methods and merged into the main project at any time, QSExpress™ taking care of the total management of any number of shared projects and remote workers. It’s all understandably simple.

Print outs, disk outs

Once all the data is in and you're happy with the take-off it's time to send it all out. This is where QSExpress™ majors again. With it's easy to understand and superbly designed output routines it's easy to export bills in print or on disk in a wide variety of formats to suit your end needs – all  without the fear of including work twice or missing sections out altogether  (distinct possibilities with a number of other systems). QSExpress™ offers total control over the bill formats as well as allowing bills in different sort orders and formats to be issued on the same project to give you and your clients the project structure you want. And you can export to file too, so you can issue the project on disk or by email and receive it back the same way once it’s been priced (CITE and multiple Excel™ exports both supported).

Pricing, analysis & beyond

So you've issued the bills for pricing. With QSExpress™ an unlimited number of contractors can now price the bills and send them back for analysis. Input back into the system is made very simple through our import screens with electronic files imported in a few seconds. Instantly you can move smoothly into analysis to develop text based and graphical reports to issue the necessary recommendations to your clients and other departments. Then it's on to post contract control where any number of your pre-contract contractors can be carried forward into post contract control. Rates can be single ‘all-in’ or built up, giving those users who need it, especially contractors, the ability to analytically structure their costs by the more traditional labour, material, plant type approaches. You can even print multi-column ‘contractor’ bills as well!

Scaleable – link other leading solutions for faster measurement

For quicker taking-off options and to enhance the standard dimsheet routines you can of course enhance the system with one or more of our leading edge on-screen measurement  systems. For all 2D works, including lengths, areas and enumerated count points from drawings, plans, scans and photographs there's our OnSight™ system (it does 3D and basic volumetrics too) and for cut & fill there's nothing better than EasyEarthworks™. Both systems can inject answers to QSExpress™ and power users can invoke the dynamic linking function for instant BQ changes as the take-off is changed and updated.  It really is power at your fingertips.

Help when it’s needed

As with all Visual Precision systems, full on-line Help is available throughout the program in fully narrated multimedia format. Simply by clicking the Help menu you can dive into the on-screen 'show me' sound and video type presentation to guide you through your chosen topic. Vastly quicker than flat file manuals and traditional Help system, our on-screen video based tutorials deliver the knowledge required in a fraction of the time other methods take and ‘take-up’ by the user is fast and efficient. It’s another of the systems big secrets.

Brochure Download

If you would like to download a PDF copy of our latest QSExpress™ brochure to read at your own leisure please click on the QSExpress™ brochure icon.

Should you wish to download any other brochures from our range of Industry leading software products they can be found on our dedicated Brochure Download Page.

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Software Training 

We recognise that implementation of a system is only the start and guiding the client through training of the system is just as important, if not more, than the system itself. Power without knowledge is nothing and our personalised trainer led on-line training sessions deliver everything needed in manageable segments.

From ‘power up’ we take our clients through all the key aspects to our systems to ensure they can press their investments into profitable use as soon as training has completed (and sometimes before) and with many of our systems being delivered with multi-media driven audio video based Help, clients training time is kept to a minimum and uptime kept to a maximum. Post training, we continue to deliver high levels of service and our move to fully automated on-line automatic updating means clients are constantly kept totally up-to-date with the very latest designs.

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