retail zone measurement

made simple

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Retail space zoning measurement software

  • Measure direct from screen
  • Measure CAD files
  • Measure scanned files
  • Measure PDF's
  • Metric and imperial support

Engineered on the world renowned OnSight™ measurement engine, ZoneMaster™ was taken from a vision to working product with one of the worlds leading facilities management giants. Its task to simplify the time consuming measurement of retail and commercial floor space zoning was not only obtained but the target time-saving ratio’s exceeded by a substantial margin. Projects that traditional take hours and require cross-checking were reduced to a few minutes, with little training needed of the operator.

Running as an independent application, ZoneMaster™ requires no underlying CAD system to function, and runs on all versions of Windows XP – Windows 10. Its in-built drawing engine effortlessly handles all common drawing formats with the unique ability to align drawings of different formats within one single take-off file if required. Multi floor projects are handled in the same effortless manner, and for those users who need to adopt and apply different zoning methodologies, ZoneMaster™ is equipped to manage unlimited methodologies and categories, totally future-proofing your investment.

ZoneMaster™ transformed our zoning measurement tasks almost instantly. We were up and running the same day we bought it.

At a glance features:

  • Designed specifically for Surveyor and Estimators and dedicated to the task
  • Windows compliant for Windows XP - Windows 10
  • A wide range of CAD and picture file formats are handled by the system. DWG · DXF · DWF · JPG · BMP · TIFF · PDF. More formats constantly under development
  • User definable zoning methodologies
  • Full on-screen graphics, total colour and line thickness control, layer management, multi layers, tiered layers, visibility, hatching and translucency control. Twin screen support as standard
  • Paper to printer, Mono & colour supported, Export to Excel™ Dynamic HotLink™ to Excel
  • On and off-site training in the package. Multi media based tutorials and Help system for rapid take-up.
  • Automatic upgrades, Web support, Telephone support, On-going development

"Accurately slicing up floor areas for zones has always been a long-winded and time consuming task – until now. ZoneMaster™ instantly streamlines each and every project no matter how complex"

Developed to address the time consuming and tedious task of measuring retail zoning areas, ZoneMaster™ draws on over two decades of drawing measurement expertise, developed at the cutting edge of the drawing measurement market.