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Retail space zoning measurement software

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  • Designed specifically for Surveyors and Estimators
  • Measure PDF, CAD and Scanned Files direct from screen
  • User definable zoning methodologies
  • Full on-screen graphics, total colour and line thickness control
  • Layer management, multi layers, tiered layers, visibility, hatching and translucency control
  • Compare drawings for revision changes
  • Twin screen support as standard

Engineered on the world renowned OnSight™ measurement engine, ZoneMaster™ was taken from a vision to working product with one of the worlds leading facilities management giants. Its task to simplify the time consuming measurement of retail and commercial floor space zoning was not only obtained but the target time-saving ratio’s exceeded by a substantial margin. Projects that traditional take hours and require cross-checking were reduced to a few minutes, with little training needed of the operator.

Running as an independent application, ZoneMaster™ requires no underlying CAD system to function, and runs on all versions of Windows XP – Windows 10. Its in-built drawing engine effortlessly handles all common drawing formats with the unique ability to align drawings of different formats within one single take-off file if required. Multi floor projects are handled in the same effortless manner, and for those users who need to adopt and apply different zoning methodologies, ZoneMaster™ is equipped to manage unlimited methodologies and categories, totally future-proofing your investment.

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“Developed to address the time consuming and tedious task of measuring retail zoning areas, ZoneMaster™ draws on over two decades of drawing measurement expertise, developed at the cutting edge of the drawing measurement market.”
  • Windows XP - Windows 11.
  • Multi layered with full fill-colour and line-colour control for optimum presentation.
  • CAD system independent, runs without the need for CAD.
  • Supports all common drawing format files including DWG, DXF and PDF.
  • Object repositioning after measure.
  • Clone objects to speed up common retail-unit measurement.
  • Auto measure pre-defined areas in CAD files.
  • Edit and adjust anything any time.
  • Variable transparency tool to give the look you want.
  • Object cutting and slicing tools (for staircases, columns etc).
  • Offset/insets tool (shrink and enlarge floor areas as required).
  • Visibility controls at layer, object and image file levels.
  • Object repositioning.
  • Unlimited drawings per project.
  • Stacked drawings supported (multi floor developments).
  • Tiled drawings supported (for projects that span drawings).
  • Layer within layer (nested layers).
  • Out of scale adjustment (X & Y).
  • Dynamic scale changing even after measurement.
  • Automatic & user type annotation.
  • Full undo editing.
  • Compare drawings for revision changes.
  • Unlimited and user definable zoning styles for all situations (4.57m, 6.1m, 9.14m, ABC+R, ABCD+R, ABCDE+R etc).
  • Axis cross hairs for alignment when measuring (rotatable).
  • Zoom and pan interface.
  • Video based Help system for fast learning.
  • Toolbar button resizing for better screen clarity.
  • Layer style tools for faster consistent project setup.
  • HotLink™ enabled for single click transfer of results to other applications.
  • Multiple format printing (mono and colour).
  • Full report file export to Excel™.
  • Dynamic Excel™ linking to your spreadsheets.
  • Twin screen and touch screen supported.
  • On-going development and support.
  • Windows XP - Windows 11
  • RAM: 4Gb minimum recommended
  • Processor: 2.4Ghz minimum
  • 1x USB port
  • Wheelmouse
  • Accelerated graphics card
  • HD space depending on facilities; sound card and speakers for multi media Help

* Specifications may change without notice and are given as a guide only.

Call for current specification requirements prior to purchase.

ZoneMaster, OnSight and HotLink are registered trade marks or trade marks of Visual Precision Limited.

Microsoft and Excel™ are registered trademarks and trademarks of Microsoft Inc.

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E&OE Specifications may change without notice.

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Developed to address the time consuming and tedious task of measuring retail zoning areas, ZoneMaster™ draws on over two decades of drawing measurement expertise, developed at the cutting edge of the drawing measurement market.