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Dynamic linking to Microsoft® Excel™ has long been on the cards for both OnSight™, ZoneMaster™ and EasyEarthworks™, and, at long last we’ve only gone and done it!

Obviously, it came with the usual complexities of linking two disparate systems together in an understandable, quick, relatively seamless and above all stable manner, but our engineering team have been studiously beavering away in the background making things happen and now, as testing is reaching its conclusion, we’re happy to say we’ve cracked it.

Now it’s possible to measure all your drawings in any of our measurement systems and fire them across into Excel™ for linking into existing spreadsheets and templates. Even ‘rounding’ has been covered to make things simple when required and item descriptions can be linked as well!

So now, when plans change or revised drawings are issued, spreadsheets can automatically update to take revised measurements into account.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, several take-off files can be linked to the same spreadsheet, enabling multiple files from OnSight™, ZoneMaster™ and EasyEarthworks™ to be plugged into the same project spreadsheet at the same time.

Yes, we’ve definitely been busy!

Check out this pre-release teaser video and see the new dynamic linking function in action!

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