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Another set of features are on the cusp of release, this time to ease the structure of a new project in our OnSight™ and EasyEarthworks™ systems allowing projects to be kicked into life a little easier. 

Our Layer Styles function has existed in all of our measurement applications since their inception, but with some users having a Layer Styles template of one, two and sometimes three hundred layers we’ve always had a refinement on the drawing board to ease the use of the system. 

Step forward Layer Style Profiles. 

We’ve mentioned the idea before but now it’s come to fruition. With the new profiles function, additional tabs can be added to the Layer Styles Dialog and layers can be filtered in or out of the tab selection e.g. a user could create an ‘External Works’ tab and populate this with all suitable layers from their pre-existing ‘All Layers’ tab. 

Now when a project is started, rather than needing to work through multiple layers to cherry-pick those that are required, the new tab can simply be drag-and-dropped into the Project Layer Pane and all the layers within the tab will be injected into the job. It’s a great way of kicking a project into life and it’s fast too. 

But to finish things off, we’re also added a new utilities function to the File Menu with an export/import function to allow the pre-built Layer Styles to be exported and moved to other machines. For those users working on separate PC’s without a shared server location, it’s a great way of distributing a Layer Styles Schema to other machines. 

For a better insight into these new functions, take a peek at the pre-release teaser video (below). 

Watch out for more news shortly, there’s plenty more in the pipeline!


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