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Tradition has it that if you use a spreadsheet system, when it comes to take-off you immediately go back to dim paper, pencil and calculator. Without any real alternative it’s the best solution for the job, but it’s open to all sorts of errors both in taking-off and calculation and it’s so SLOOOOW.

Mindful of the time and effort wasted in going back to paper, Visual Precision have designed DimSheet-PRO™ to add the taking-off functionality desperately needed for so long in current spreadsheet systems.

So How Does it Work?

It’s very easy really. Imagine you’re working in an Excel™ spreadsheet and need to enter a quantity in a cell. With DimSheet-PRO™ installed, rather than getting out a pen and paper, a simple click on a launch button will immediately give you your own on-screen dim paper to use with all the normal facilities you would expect from a leading edge taking-off system. Answers from dimsheets are automatically transferred back into the required spreadsheet cell and links are fully dynamic, so at any time you can pop-up your take-off dimsheet, make changes, and see the new figures appear immediately in your spreadsheet.

It’s easy to learn and very easy to use and dispenses with the need for old fashioned taking-off paper completely. Why waste valuable time and resources doing your take-off on paper when you could be using DimSheet-PRO™.

Sounds Good - Tell Me More

Lets look at it in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Call DimSheet-PRO™ from your spreadsheet by clicking the ‘call’ button.

Step 2: Enter your take-off in the dimsheet screen.

Step 3: Click the HotLink™ button and watch as DimSheet-PRO™ instantly links the answer back into the spreadsheet.

Job Done. Easy isn’t it!

And to make it even easier we’ve even added full audio visual based multi-media Help. It coudn’t get any better!

Feature Rich

Anding-on, sidecasts, annotations and descriptions input are all traditional features you’ll find in DimSheet-PRO™ but to add to this we’ve empowered the system with even more. More features, more functions for more productivity....like on-the-fly rounding, dynamic linked sidecasts and waste calculations as well as multiple and-ons, so key dimension changes can be made in seconds not minutes and hours with changes rippling through your take-off automatically. They’re the tools you have always wanted in a taking-off system but could never find. Now they’re available in DimSheet-PRO™ and all at a very affordable price!

And just to add to the already impressive line up of features we’ve even added high level professional tools like AutoCheck™ to help you maintain total control over taking-off - maintaining format consistency throughout your measurement and keeping those embarrassing (and sometimes costly) mistakes at bay.

It all adds up to a great package! and you can buy it and try it for 30 days risk free. Call Visual Precision or your local accredited dealer today.

Unleash the full potential of your Excel™ system.


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Brochure Download

If you would like to download a PDF copy of our latest DimSheet-Pro™ brochure to read at your own leisure please click on the DimSheet-Pro™ brochure icon.

Should you wish to download any other brochures from our range of Industry leading software products they can be found on our dedicated Brochure Download Page.

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Software Training 

We recognise that implementation of a system is only the start and guiding the client through training of the system is just as important, if not more, than the system itself. Power without knowledge is nothing and our personalised trainer led on-line training sessions deliver everything needed in manageable segments.

From ‘power up’ we take our clients through all the key aspects to our systems to ensure they can press their investments into profitable use as soon as training has completed (and sometimes before) and with many of our systems being delivered with multi-media driven audio video based Help, clients training time is kept to a minimum and uptime kept to a maximum. Post training, we continue to deliver high levels of service and our move to fully automated on-line automatic updating means clients are constantly kept totally up-to-date with the very latest designs.

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