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So you want to measure drawings for cut & fill quantites. You could take the CAD route and try the built-in tools in established CAD systems, but these are designed to create drawings, not measure them. You could try a file viewer and attempt the same, but again it’s like trying to employ a jack-of-all-trades when you actually need a specialist. You could print your drawings and try to measure them on a  digitiser based system, but these are slow and you need expensive add-on hardware, not to mention the cost of printing your drawings.  To do the job accurately, on time and on budget, you need a tool specifically designed for the task, quick to learn within an easy to understand package that does it all on-screen without the print overheads.

When you're measuring groundworks you need EasyEarthworks™.

Building on the designs of almost two decades in the business of drawing measurement, EasyEarthworks™ delivers the ease of use, speed and accuracy it's always been famed for. With a  common design shared with its sister product OnSight™, users now have a suite of systems able to handle all types of drawing information from photo's,  through CAD, PDF and even scanned files.

So what does it do?

EasyEarthworks™ delivers real and immediate commercial benefits to all users undertaking cut & fill calculations for BQ’s, estimates, tenders, feasibility studies and final accounts. Its easy to use interface belies the underlying sophistication of the system. Even users picking up the system for the first time find it easy to use, delivering supremely accurate results with outstanding time savings right from the word go.

Put simply, it crunches the numbers, removes stress, saves time and delivers the accuracy you need for your groundworks cut & fill.

But more than this, EasyEarthworks™ inherent accuracy means greater reductions in calculation errors, with the knock-on effect of more confident and competitive tendering bids. Across all stages of the bid, from early  feasibility right through to final account, EasyEarthworks™ delivers - and then it lets you go home on time.

Working to your style

Rather than dictate the way you work, EasyEarthworks™ offers every user the latitude to approach projects in their own way. From setting up a project, you are taken through the various steps required to get results in an easy to understand progressive manner. Information can be entered in any order but most users follow the traditional approach: Extract existing ground levels from the drawings, then input your object areas with their finished levels and construction thicknesses and finally press the calculate button! It is that simple.

And there's plenty of scope in what sort of levels are handled; spot levels, contours, string lines they're all handled easily and efficiently to build a virtual model. What's more, our OCR technology allows us, in many cases, to read the levels off the drawing surface by simply dragging a marquee box around the ground level. With little typing it's a very efficient way of grabbing levels off your 2D drawings even when they are text vectorised PDF's (which the majority of drawings tend to be).

Of course at this stage multiple drawing files may have been presented, but whatever their format, EasyEarthworks™ handles them with ease, overlaying them with each other or even tiling them side-by-side for an easy to handle view of the project.

Even when revised drawings come in, it's an easy step to insert the new plans and remove the old, even differences in scale between drawings are handled with ease and without stress. From then on, it’s simply a matter of requesting the results, with EasyEarthworks™ ripping through the calculations for you, removing the stress and strain, allowing you to progress with ease and certainty. It couldn’t be simpler.

Nested layers

Putting data in and getting answers out is, however, only half the battle when it comes to big site measures.

Keeping track of where you are, what you've done and keeping things in a logical order is a paramount requirement for a successful project measure. And, of course, EasyEarthworks™ scores here too. Like our other measurement solutions, EasyEarthworks™ continues to make use of the well-adopted approach of measuring in layers. But even this technique has been re-engineered, allowing ground level data and contours to be easily separated from all of the measured work objects.

Keeping the screen nice and clean is a key to the system's success. Unlimited layers, and even nested layers (layers within layers), are possible, giving yet even more flexibility to a great approach. You can even move and clone objects from layer to layer as well as drawing to drawing! Each and every layer also has its own colour and line attributes, giving the user ultra fine control over both screen presentation and final print output.

Making the most of print

So you’ve measured your project - now you need a distribution route. As standard, EasyEarthworks™ can export to Excel™ at the click of a button - but you need more. You need to print in mono as well as colour, you need hatch control, line control and total colour control, right down to object level in a wide range of formats including A4, A3 and even plotter (under development) and EasyEarthworks™ delivers it all. You even get a 3D rendering of the site so you can see how everything meshes together (or, more importantly, when it doesn't). Finding out you have Mt.Everest in the middle of your site is always better before you submit your figures, and it's more often than not an error on the drawings that the system helps you catch! Result.

Measurement Methodologies

In its simplest mode, EasyEarthworks™ will effortlessly produce bulk cut & fill results, listing figures for each designated object in the Project (Block 1, Car Park etc), but for those users who need their figures categorised by depth, it’s a simple matter of enlisting the help of the system's libraries. Methodology rules for SMM7, CESMM2, CESMM3 and NRM2 are simply a button click away and other rule sets can be added. Users can even set their own depth category values for even more precise results. You’re always in total control with EasyEarthworks™.

Separate drawing for ‘ground’ and ‘finished’ - it’s an old dilemma

And one that continues to foil many 'systems'. Not so with EasyEarthworks™. You can load as many drawings as you need into a single project, and what's more, the project file is self-contained, with drawings and data folded into a single file wrapper - invaluable when you need to send a project file to another EasyEarthworks™ user.

After sales support

Of course, when you have purchased and installed EasyEarthworks™, the relationship doesn't stop there. Software moves on, as do techniques and Windows operating systems, so we are constantly refining and improving the system to ensure you have the best solutions to keep you ahead of the game. Our online knowledge base gives users access to support bulletins and, of course, during normal working hours, our development team are ready to field calls. "But what of updates?" you ask. These are automatically detected by the system whilst in use and the user prompted to initiate the download. Installation is totally automatic, ensuring our client base is as up-to-date as we can make them.

So the next time you want to build a winning tender based on accurate quantities, think inside the box, think EasyEarthworks™. There's no prize for second place.


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If you would like to download a PDF copy of our latest EasyEarthworks™ brochure to read at your own leisure please click on the EasyEarthworks™ brochure icon.

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Reading about a system is the first step - seeing it in real-time live action with no 'smoke or mirrors' is the next. We run several webinars per month on a variety of different solutions. Here's your chance to take a closer look:

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We recognise that implementation of a system is only the start and guiding the client through training of the system is just as important, if not more, than the system itself. Power without knowledge is nothing and our personalised trainer led on-line training sessions deliver everything needed in manageable segments.

From ‘power up’ we take our clients through all the key aspects to our systems to ensure they can press their investments into profitable use as soon as training has completed (and sometimes before) and with many of our systems being delivered with multi-media driven audio video based Help, clients training time is kept to a minimum and uptime kept to a maximum. Post training, we continue to deliver high levels of service and our move to fully automated on-line automatic updating means clients are constantly kept totally up-to-date with the very latest designs.

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